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What’s in a Door?

Ok, so I need a painting project. I bought paint for the headboard and didn’t use it for that and I’ve been thinking of what I could use it on. Well, I’ve decided I’ll still use it on the headboard, but I need to figure out how to make a stencil big enough for it and not drive myself crazy with having to reposition it! I don’t know how people can stencil on big walls and stuff!! It would drive me insane!!

Anyway, so I’ve been putting that off. I have a friend who painted the inside of her door turquoise in December and before that I found this beautiful blue door on pinterest. Isn’t it GORGEOUS??!!! I WANT that door!! I LOVE the design on it…. but, since we’re poor and I have a limited to nil budget I’ll have to use our existing metal door. That’s fine. I’ll just pick a color and make it pretty. WRONG!! I am the worst decision maker ever!! I make up my mind and then I change it 5 seconds later. SO, I am enlisting your help. Here are some pictures of the front of my house:

Now, I’m not sure what color I want to paint it. I’m totally thinking about doing blue, but I don’t know how well that will look with the red brick. I don’t really want to do the very popular red. I’m sure Brynnan would love it and I don’t think I’d mind it, but it’s just done way too much.

Here’s blue number one… might be too much


And a light blue, which I think might be my favorite. Maybe a little lighter, not so turquoise…

Perfect!! I really like it. What do you think?

Now for some other color options:

This looks too Christmasy for me. I like the idea of doing green, but maybe a much lighter one…

Like this? Still not sure…

Light yellow

Bright yellow with a greenish tone to it.

And, you have to keep in mind that these are just doors I’ve Photoshopped color onto. I’m sure paint will look much different, but at least this way we can get a general idea. Maybe I should paint the mailbox too…. what do you think? And the lamp post…. I’ll go crazy if my hubby lets me:)

Do you have any color suggestions that I don’t have here? Tell me! I want to stay with light colors because by the end of the day this side of the house is bathed in sun and the door gets really hot, even being white, so a dark color would make it worse.

I can’t wait to hear what you think!! Thanks for stopping by!!:)

5 thoughts on “What’s in a Door?

  1. Well here are my 2 cents….personally I don’t think that any of your shown color options match your brick very well…your brick color doesn’t say light and springy to me…I know you want a light color, but I acctually think dark would be better. You should go to the paint department and look at those exterior color combo books and choose a color based off of one with similar tones to your home. And what is wrong with a red door? I happen to have just painted mine red, and it looks great! And it is acctually a color I would choose for your door 😉

  2. from the color options you gave, i liked the light blue. if you wanted more color options that were actual paint options, you could check glidden paints website. when i painted my walls, i used them to see what colors would look like on a whole wall. it was super helpful. but u can check out color paints and get a feel for options, rather than choosing from a small color wheel. but i love your idea of making the door pop. maybe u could personalize ur mailbox. like with kid handprints overlapping in diff colors. i dunno. have fun!

  3. I would say the light blue. I would go light. The bright ones don’t go with the brick. This is the first time I have ever seen your house. Very cute!

  4. I like the last blue door. I thought it gave a nice contrast to the brick color. How about painting the mailbox and light pole white, like the trim on the windows? And then adding some personal touches to the mailbox would be fun, too. When you can afford to change out the storm door, a full glass one would show off your door well. Oh, and, when you paint, use a small foam roller. They make the paint go on nice & smooth with no brush marks. Good Luck!

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