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Mr. Snazzy Suit ~ Project R&P Week 4

Lately, I’ve only been posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but this week is special. I have a post planned for every day, Monday-Friday! Most of them are already scheduled and sure to go up, Thursday is the only day I’m not sure I’ll get up in time. I’m working on that project as you read this, most likely, so send your creative and productive thoughts my way so I can finish it in time for Thursdays post! 🙂

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been following along each week of Project Run & Play, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t participated in the sewing along since week two when I made the Riley Blake Chevron Tote Bag. (Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I ran into one of the commenters from that post when I went to the library last week! It was so exciting to meet her in person and the thing that tipped her off it was me? I was hauling all our library books in that tote bag! 🙂 We talked for a little bit and it was so FUN!! I’m so glad she said hi when she recognized my bag! It’s such a small world we live in!!)

Well, this week the theme is Spring Formal Wear and I have THE PERFECT outfit to go along with that theme. I think you might remember it from last year…..


The Lil’ Gentleman Suit!


I took these pictures yesterday of a boy in my Sunday School class. Isn’t he just the sweetest??!!


He was so Smiley! I loved it!


I LOVE this little suit! It’s so easy to make and the vest is reversible. Do you like it too? I have this specific suit available in my Etsy shop in size 4T. Or you can purchase a custom made suit tailored to your child’s size and the inside of the vest can be whatever color/fabric you or your child wants. The custom made suit listing comes with a suit coat as well as the pants and the vest.

What do you think? I like the purple of the inside on the vest. I think that’s my favorite part! 🙂 Jonas and Brynnan have already “ordered” their own in red and purple. Who knows when I’ll get around to making them. Maybe I’ll make all three of them for next years Easter outfits. That would be fun!

Well, thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great day!

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