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Tasty Tuesday ~ Monkey Bread

Well, I’m finally back with my first official post on the new blog! Are you ready and excited to read all about it?!! Buckle up because here we go!


My husband has been trying to cook new meals for us lately. We usually recycle all our meals through every 2 weeks, which is great for the kids because it’s all stuff that they will actually eat, but Mark and I get pretty bored with it. Last weekend, he made Jambalaya! And it was SOOOO goooood!!

In his quest for new meals he stumbled upon a recipe for monkey bread. His go to website these days is The Pioneer Woman. I’ve mentioned her on the blog before. She’s a great cook and her blog is so much fun to read! 🙂

Anyway, Mark decided to make the monkey bread Sunday afternoon. I helped out by taking pictures. We didn’t have any dough on hand and Mark didn’t want to go to the store so he used bisquick to make biscuit dough. (In hind sight, he realized that wasn’t good because bisquick biscuits aren’t the same as the dough you can get in the cans at the store. They’re a lot more dense and clumpy. SO, if you make this recipe, go buy the biscuit dough or I think pizza dough would work too.)

The pioneer woman has a much better tutorial on how to make this on her blog so go there to make it. I took pictures of our process for fun to show you.



Here’s the dough after Mark mixed it with the sugar mix. They kind of look like chicken nuggets, don’t they? lol



The brown sugar and butter mix. Mark said he did this part wrong because he wasn’t supposed to let the butter melt all the way, so your sauce shouldn’t look like this, but it’s still a cool picture! 🙂


Pour the dough into the bunting cake pan and then pour the sauce on top of the dough.


The best part of Mark being an experimental chef, is that he does the dishes when he’s done with them!! YAY!!


Put it in the oven to cook for 25 minutes.


Let it cool in the pan right side up for 10 minutes, then turn it over like the above picture.


Take off the pan….


And enjoy the yummy goodness!! Brynnan wanted to try it and he thought it was so good.


Mmmmmm!!! Rubbing his tummy because it was just THAT good! 🙂


TaDa!! It looks YUMMY, doesn’t it? We will definitely try making this again, but with the right kind of dough. You should be able to pick it apart with your fingers and eat it that way, but the dough was all clumped together so we had to eat it with forks. It was still a yummy dessert!

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! Let us know if you’ve ever made monkey bread before and how you do it!


6 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday ~ Monkey Bread

  1. Hey thanks for showing the process, because really that helps. And really, I don’t know in this heat if butter would look any different than that- not at this house! Felt like an oven after I got back from my moms!
    Anyway, I really want to try that sometime- I always want to have recipes for bunt pans because they are so cool!

    1. I have another recipe for a bunt pan. I’ll have to make it and blog about it. It’s a favorite from my childhood. 🙂

  2. Remember when our seminary teacher in Rhode Island made this??? She was always making us breakfast… remember temple biscuits? YUM! That was the first time I ever had monkey bread. Used to make it but haven’t in a while… maybe it’s time!

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