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Fashion Friday

I thought I’d write a fashion post today. I’m not into skinny jeans a whole lot because they make my legs feel claustrophobic. Is that weird? Well, It’s true:) I don’t like the feeling of my legs being hugged so tight that they have no room. BUT I bought a pair of skinny pants at Walmart for $3 a couple years ago when they were on sale and I finally tried them on last fall. They fit perfect in the waste, but I don’t like them so much in the legs….

My legs are really gross right now, so maybe they’ll look better when I lose some weight, if that ever happens. I guess we’ll see. The one thing I do like about skinny jeans is they’re easier to wear with boots!

Do you like skinny jeans? Do you own any and what are your thoughts on them?

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a good weekend!!

Oh, and since I didn’t do a fitness post this week I thought I’d leave you with a song today:

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It’s called More by Usher. Gooood beat! Makes me wanna MOVE!!:) love it!

2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Ben’s like that with pants – he doesn’t want them touching his legs too much. He has only one type of jeans that he’ll wear, and they’re, like, super ultra relaxed fit or something like that. I never thought I’d get skinny jeans, but when I finally succumbed a couple of years ago, I fell in LOVE. You’re right – they’re perfect with boots. My sis, Nat, doesn’t buy them – she says they’re too much like the eighties. 🙂 But my sis, Lex, owns NOTHING but skinnys. I’ve been liking mine a lot with ballet flats, too, when it’s too hot for boots.

  2. I love how you post workout songs! I have never bought skinny jeans because I think they would make my thighs look really big… I don’t really want to advertise the actual size of my thighs… thank you very much 🙂

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