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Fitness Friday/ Devil Dog

Ok, I LOVE my dog! Nemo is really the best dog ever! Except that he’s kinda dumb. He’s a lover and very sweet, but he just isn’t very smart! lol Mark hasn’t been feeling good this week so I told him I’d take Nemo with me on my run this morning. I wasn’t really excited about it, but I wanted to help Mark out a little bit. We went out at 8 after I stretched. I made sure to stretch really good today!!

Nemo was bothering me before we even started out! He was just running all over the place and wouldn’t wait for me to get Tinian out and buckled up. UGH! Then we started out and he kept weaving across the path! And he would linger in spots FOREVER!!! I would pull on him as I continued walking or jogging, but he wouldn’t come so I would have to STOP and walk back to him and PUULLLL to get him to come! I don’t know why he was having such a hard time today!! He didn’t poop either, which is wonderful, but at the same time he always poops on walks so I don’t know if he just couldn’t find the right spot ever or if he just didnt have to do it? But that was bothering me the whole time to because he was just looking for a place the whole time. I wonder if that’s why he was being so annoying!

BUT, besides all that I got a good run in today!! It felt good!! I ran longer stretches than normal. Yay! I’m really glad that I’m still keeping this up! Yes, some days are harder than others, but it will all be worth it once I get my body in shape and used to jogging. I’m jogging 3 days a week, usually. I’m going to work my way up to more, but for now I’m good with 3 or 4. My routine now is to walk 5 minutes, jog for 90 seconds, walk for 90 seconds, give or take a little. I’m not very good at judging time so I’m probably cutting it short, but I’m trying to do longer stretches. I’m getting there slowly! I keep wondering if I’ll be ready for a 5k in August! I’ll just keep working hard and trying my best!

Today the song I’m loving is We Found Love by Rihanna:

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I love her voice!! Also the beat is awesome!:)

How’s your workout schedule going? Are you enjoying the nice weather and getting outside for your workouts or are you going to the gym? Let me know!! I wanna hear what you do!!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday/ Devil Dog

  1. Oh, and LEAVE NEMO HOME! You won’t regret it. He can take a few days off from getting walked by Mark and he’ll be okay. Save your sanity!

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