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Good morning friends!! Its been a while since I’ve posted about my fitness journey so I thought I’d jump on today and share a little bit that’s been going on with me and what my goals are.

The last post I wrote up was about making goals that I can actually accomplish. I made a goal to wake up at 5:30 every morning to work out. Well, that week I did it Monday and Tuesday, but the rest of the week was a bust. Since then I’ve kinda given up on that goal. Why, you might be wondering? In all honesty, I just couldn’t hack it. If I woke up at 5:30 I’d be dead tired by 1:00 and need to take a nap and then I lose out on precious me time. My sons naptime, which is at 1:00, is when I get most of my crafting or blogging done so I need to keep that to enjoy life.

So, since 5:30 wasn’t working out I have kinda slid into the same old problem of having no time to work out. I have been thinking that I need to join a gym so that when my husband gets home at 4:00 I can just go off to the gym and work out, but I haven’t finalized that yet, especially since most days I’m dealing with kids doing homework and chores and everyone knows husbands are hopeless at tasks like that! I’m still trying to figure out if there’s a better time. If I wake up at 6:00 and workout for 20 minutes at least that gets me going, right? And I can usually wake up at 6 without a problem.

My goal this week is to wake up at 6:00, workout for 20 minutes, shower and then read my scriptures while my kids eat breakfast. I am going to do a different workout routine each day. I subscribe to ‘SHAPE’ magazine and there are a lot of good workout routines in there so I will be using some of those.

I have found another great blog to help me along my journey of losing weight and she actually lives in the same city as I do!! What a small world right?!! 🙂 Sadie is very inspiring to me and I can’t wait to start using her advice.

I am still following along with The Spotted Blond on her Fitness Friday posts. Go check them out! They’re very inspiring and make me realize I CAN do this!

Ok, so, I’m going to break down my goals into two categories, fitness and diet. I’m not really going on a diet, I just want to eat healthier.

Fitness Goal:

Wake up at 6am, workout

Diet Goal:

Drink 3 bottles of water a day, at least!

Those are my two simpler and accomplishable goals for this week. Each week I plan on adding a new goal if I accomplish the previous weeks goals.

2 thoughts on “Fitness Goals

  1. Great goals Meg. It’s recommended to have at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise… for optimal health. That may not make you loose weight as fast as more workout… but it will keep you healthy. And the cool thing is it doesn’t have to be in big chunk of time at once. It can be broken down… just like the 20 minutes in your goal! Good job! I always recommend a gym, especially one with child care, that way you can get it done while the other kids are at school. I know I wouldn’t work out 6 days a week if I didn’t go to the gym. I need that motivation of getting out of my house. Everyone is different though. Good luck! You can do it!

  2. Good job, little woman. I can’t wake up at 6, so I go when Gage is at preschool. Is it wrong that I’m kind of glad he has a developmental delay so he can go to preschool? Hahaha!

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