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Tuesdays Tune-Up

Well, this week has been good so far! I went jogging yesterday and this morning. The only thing that’s been off is, well, the dog:

I usually take him with me because he needs the exercise and I know he loves it. The first 2 weeks when I would bring him along he would usually go on ahead while I walked, but when I jogged he would stay right along with me, or the stroller. And when he’s done peeing he will usually come back the way he came so he doesn’t get tangled up around poles and what not.

This week? Oh, no, he is being a handful. He just has to go the other way around the pole. UGH!! It’s so annoying! I think I might leave him home the rest of the week! I need a break!

I weighed myself yesterday and the scale was going crazy. First it said 151.4, then it went up to like 154.2!! Then the last time I tried it, it said 152. I’m going to take the first weight. So I lost .4 lbs. Yeah! That being said, I had to return that scale because it was being so wonky and I couldn’t ever get the same weight again. lol I have a new scale and it’s totally telling me completely different numbers now:P So, here we are again at the beginning. I’ll start off with a new weight and move on from here. Stupid scales!:P

Starting weight with the new scale: 151.6

And here’s my new before picture:

from the front

and a side view. I like this outfit because it hides my pouch:) At least to me it does.

How is your weight loss going? Let us know. What workouts are you doing?

Thanks for stopping by!:) Hope you have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Tuesdays Tune-Up

  1. Poor dog! He just wants to be free 🙂 Have you done measurements? That’s another great way to judge your progress… with inches lost instead of focusing so much on the scale. You should take measurements at bicep, chest, waist, hip, thigh and calf. It’s fun to watch the inches get smaller and smaller! Good luck! I’m proud of you for sticking with this!

  2. Yeah, dude, leave the dog. It’s too hard to stop each time and untangle him. I know what you mean about choosing clothes that hide your pooch – I do the EXACT same thing. Sad. 🙂 I gain all my weight just right THERE. It seriously looks like I’m pregnant all the time. Sheesh.

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