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Tuesdays Tune-Up

How is everyone this Tuesday morning? I hope well! We’re feeling better today so that’s good! I was able to go to a Zumba class with my friends last night, which was SO much fun and since I had a sick baby I was glad to get the workout in! I came home singing that song that’s really popular with Zumba right now:

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Dynamite by Taio Cruz.

I LOVE this song!! and I love the choreography that goes with it too! It usually varies depending on the instructor, but it’s mostly the same anywhere you go. And I love it! I love that with Zumba you don’t have to be a dance major or really good at it. You just go and do it! I went with my friend, Marcy, and it was her first time. It was hilarious! She mostly just ran in place!:) hehe It was a lot of fun!!

My weigh in this morning wasn’t much of a difference:P 151.4

It was my birthday on Sunday and I have some wonderful friends, and family. They took care of me and now I have the gear I need to run and enjoy it!! One of my friends bought me some new running pants, which I needed desperately. I only had 2 pairs before and it hard to wash them every day and when you run you get REALLY sweaty so I always want to wash them before wearing them again! So now I’m up to 3 pairs:)

Another friend of mine, who is really into running and who actually got me thinking about doing it to lose weight, bought me an armband for my iPhone and new ear buds.

YAY!! I was totally surprised and very, very thankful!! I’m going to exchange the ear buds for the ones that go over your ear because I hate the feeling of the ear buds falling out the whole time they’re in! It drives me insane!

So, I am now equipped to enjoy a workout without my baby and a dog, so let’s hope I can find the time to do it without them:)

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  1. Oooh, I’ve always wanted one of those arm band thingeys! And I LOVE that song. A lot, lot,lot. I turn it up whenever I’m in the car and it’s on.

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