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Tuesdays Tune up

I DID IT!!!! I did it ALL! I warmed up before I left this morning for my run, I did the five minute warm up walk, I jogged for 90 seconds walked for 2 minutes. The whole 20 minute workout!! I didn’t have to walk more than was suggested!! My calves were fine! I could jog without it hurting!! I could jog without my ankles feeling like they would buckle under my weight any second or like they would just break off!!! I DID IT!!!!! And I am so pumped up and psyched up and just really proud of myself. I know it wasn’t a huge accomplishment by any means, but you know, for me it was and I am happy about it. I just can’t get over the fact that I jogged and didn’t hurt finally!! I feel SO AWESOME right now!! I can feel the burn in my thighs, but it’s a good burn. It’s a comfortable burn! It’s a burn that makes me feel good because I accomplished something today!!

WOOOHOOOO!!! I’m just so excited that I feel this good!! I never thought I would ever feel this good. Last week I just felt like it was going to hurt forever and I would never get past that, but today I did it!!! I got past it!! And I can’t wait to go running again tomorrow!! Is that weird? lol I’m finally excited to work out now that it doesn’t hurt!!

AND I brought Nemo today because Mark is sick so couldn’t take him for a walk. Nemo was pretty good! He kept up with me or the stroller and when he went ahead of us he wouldn’t stop too long or he wouldn’t run into us. I think there was one time he tried to cross in front of the stroller and the wheel caught his leg. I think it was because he saw some other dogs so I wasn’t too annoyed about that. I was really surprised how well he did today!

So, the run this morning was a huge success!! The weigh-in though, wasn’t. Not because I haven’t lost or I gained. I think I just need to go back to a non digital scale. This one that I have now is giving me different weights all the time. I stepped on it after my shower and it said 162!! So I stepped off and tried again and it said 148.6!! That’s way too drastic of a change!! UGH! I’m really frustrated with it!

My friend, Mimi, suggested I measure myself to see if I’m losing inches, so I finally did that today when I was so fed up with the scale. I am 37 1/2 in my biggest area (my pooch). I didn’t measure anywhere else. Should I?

Today the song I’m loving is Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes. It’s featuring Adam Revine so there’s a little rapping in it, sorry about that. I’m not too fond of those parts, but I just LOVE the beat!!

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Good music really can be hard to find!!:)

I hope your workouts are going well! Have you had any big successes lately? I’d love to hear about them!!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Tuesdays Tune up

  1. I’m so glad you didn’t hurt today! I knew you would feel better eventually. It just takes time for your body to get used to the shock of jogging. I jogged for the first time in a WEEK yesterday. Yikes. Bikes. But it was so warm and beautiful. Even though I felt like I was dying, it was nice to be out in the sun. And I’m doing tons and tons of yardwork, so hopefully that will help.

    I say throw out your scale and don’t get a new one. 🙂 That’s my stance.

  2. first off, CONGRATS! it is always exciting when you accomplish something! and i totally agree with above. throw out the scale. Im a big number hog too, and some days i feel good, love how my clothes fit and ruin it by stepping on the scale. Muscle weighs more than fat, and sometimes you can be holding more water than other days. as you progress in running, you’ll gain more muscle. so, even though you’re slimming down, the scale may not read what you want. I think you should try the tape measuring and just see how you look mirror wise. Maybe, take a day one pic, and a day 30 pic? anyway, good luck with the rest of your jogging!

  3. awesome meg! Keep it up! Measure bicep, chest (around the boobs:), Waist, hip, thigh, and calf. That will give you a pretty good starting point. You can also do a pushup and situp test, just do as many as you can in 1 minute. Then after a few months of working out you can see the difference!

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