Food Storage, Starting Out

I’m Ready!

I’m am not a preparedness professional by any means. Not even close! There are so many preparedness blogs and sites that I just feel so overwhelmed by it all. I start working on getting my family prepared, I get behind and stop all together and then I pick it up again months down the road. I wanted someway to stay on top of it and doing a blog is what I decided to do:) This is totally for me and my journaling purposes, it’s an easy way to make myself do this important stuff called emergency preparedness. If I have some followers that will be great!

So, here I am, I’m ready to get the ball rolling. I went to Wal-Mart this morning and they’re having a huge case lot sale! They’re selling #10 cans of foods like corn, mashed potatoes and some other things. They start out at $8 or more. I don’t know if that’s a good price. I haven’t taken a look anywhere else, but I do know they have an awesome deal on Kraft Mac & Cheese!! A pack of 25 boxes is only $15! I think it’s normally .79, maybe a little more.

Head over there and take advantage of some great deals!:)

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