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Scrapbook Ideas for Family Reunions ~ Get It Scrapped

Hello scrapbookers!! I am back again today to share a layout I made for Get It Scrapped. I am really happy about this assignment and layout. We were asked to make a layout that showcases our approach to scrapbooking our family reunions. My mom’s side of the family recently had a reunion we attended so I was super excited to start scrapping these memories!

The way I have decided to scrapbook this years reunion is to pick out a few stories that I want to tell on a full 12×12 layout. I will record those special moments and stories that way and then the rest of the photos I will put into pocket pages. I feel that this way I won’t be so overwhelmed to have all the photos scrapped traditionally and take up so much room in my album.

This is the layout that I made. This is my Grandpa, my mom’s dad. He has always been a big part of my life. One of the things that I remember from my childhood is that he sang to us ALL the time! I have a few favorite songs and so does everyone else in the family. We have all been wanting him to record his singing so when we were at the reunion my mom’s sisters, my cousin, aunts and I asked him to sing with us. I made sure to record it all on my phone and take a few photos as well.

I wanted the focus to be on the photos, but since I was recording a video at the same time they aren’t the best quality. I decided to turn them black & white to hide their imperfect nature. I really love them because they tell the story so well, no matter how bad the quality is. I won’t care about the quality in 10 years, I will just cherish the memory.

Like I said, I wanted the photos to be the focus of the layout so I added very minimal embellishments. I kept the color scheme to 3 main colors. The black background helps the photo mats pop, which in turn makes the photos pop.

On the journaling card I started to write out the story and had to stop because I couldn’t remember all of the songs we sang. I will have to call my mom and ask here what the other songs are called. I am also thinking I will make a companion page or 2 with the lyrics to each of the songs we sang.

This photo is my favorite of Grandpa doing the actions to the song ‘In a Cottage by the Woods’. This one was requested by me. I LOVED it growing up!!

I got a picture of my aunts, mom and cousin as they were singing too. I hope they don’t kill me! Hah I really love the in the moment candid feel. These pictures are my favorite. They aren’t perfect and posed.

I am so in love with this layout. The embellishments are so simple and having the photos run down the page from top to bottom helps you follow the story. I just love it all. 🙂

You can watch my process video below:

I hope you have a great weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!




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