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Let’s Get Organized ~ week 4

I have decided that my motto for this year will be “just do it!” I am a HUGE procrastinator. I just can’t do things the minute I think of them because then I would constantly be changing tasks and leaving things undone. I have a problem with this already, but I try to keep it at bay.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to pick up things I see the first time instead of passing by them 50 times before I pick them up. I do a 5 minute pick up session after every meal and after I get the boys off to school. I read my scriptures after the boys go to school because if I don’t do it then, I don’t do it! Even if my toddler is awake and bothers me every minute or so, I still do it then.
After reading my scriptures I do the chores for the day. I clean the kitchen and then I get some free time I. Between doing laundry. It’s actually not that bad. I LOVE having a clean home! It takes so little time to do one job a day! I choose one extra chore each day to keep everything organized. It has really been going well the past 3 weeks. I’m excited that I’m keeping up with my cleaning schedule! How has your cleaning and organizing going? I hope well!! Link us up to your blog showing us what you’ve been doing!

Now, onto this week… I will be organizing my living room. Today my task was to clean out the bench by the front door and put and throw away everything.

You can’t see it in this picture, but it’s off to the right. The door is right next to the green chair and then the bench is about 4 feet from the door. There is also my old dresser there too, which you will hear more about later this week:)

I’ve cleaned out the bench so far and thrown away a lot of stuff now I just need to put all the papers and things I’m not throwing away in the places they belong. That’s a hard step for me. I get side tracked very easily during this step. That’s why most everything in my house is out of it’s supposed place:P But that’s why we’re here and going through this process, so wish me luck today!!

I also finished up my binder and command central area last week and I’ve been using it all successfully since Wednesday. It feels so good to be organized and to have a schedule. To think I’m just now starting this after 9 years of being a mom and wife!

We keep our 72 hours kits in the coat closet upstairs in the living room so I will be working on getting those together this week as well and cleaning every inch of that room. I kind of hate the living room. It’s the dumping ground for every and anything! Coats, shoes, school papers, mail, backpacks, diaper bag, you name it and it’s in that room! Why can’t my kids just learn to put things where they go? I have to tell them 100 times a day to put their coats up and put their shoes away, etc. It’s very frustrating! Know what’s even more frustrating though? When I tell my 5 year old to put his coat, etc away he THROWS them in his room on the floor and leaves them that way!!!! UGH! I promise, I’m trying not to raise Neanderthals! lol It can’t be helped I guess.

I am also cleaning the windows this week. Since it’s winter time I’m just going to do the inside since it’s been especially yucky outside lately.

I’ve found a few more organizing websites that I wanted to share with you. First one is:

Home Storage Solutions 101

Simplify 101

Organizing Made Fun

They both seem very helpful and there’s so much stuff to look at I can barely take it all in. I’m starting to feel overwhelmed again by all this organizing stuff. I have been getting a lot of great ideas on pinterest and it’s so great, but I want to do it all RIGHT NOW!! lol so, I have to pick and choose. Since I’m working on my living room this week I’m thinking about what ideas I can use for my living room. There is some unused space in my coat closet so I think I will explore my options for there.

For now, I am off to do laundry and hopefully a little bit of crafting before the baby wakes up! I got a couple things finished over the weekend so I show those to you tomorrow. Keep up the great work!!

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