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Try-It Tuesday

I saw blog posts earlier in the school year of mom’s that make the whole weeks worth of lunches for their kids and then on the morning of all they have to do is put it all in the lunch boxes. That seems like such a great idea. BUT it’s taken me this long to get motivated enough to do it. I try to get my sons lunch made the night before and leave it in the fridge, but that doesn’t always happen.

Well, Monday night last week I was really cleaning the kitchen. I think Mark and I were talking so that also makes doing those menial tasks more doable. So, I pulled out a container for each day, put a piece of tape on each one and wrote a day on the tape. I then made a sandwich for each day, put in 3 or 4 carrots and in two of them I put yogurt and the rest I put in crackers. Jonas isn’t a very good eater so it’s hard to pack lunch for him.




There is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. All ready to go! We have an extra fridge out in the garage so I was able to put them out there and not take up so much space in our main fridge. It’s really nice to have the extra space.

It went over great on Tuesday and Wednesday, but by Thursday and Friday Jonas was complaining of the bread being soggy. I was afraid of that happening since I was putting meat on it. Does anyone have any suggestions for that? Would a meat and cheese sandwich freeze and then unfreeze well? I’ve heard of making a bunch of sandwiches all at once and then freezing them, then, by lunch time they’re all thawed out and ready to eat. I might try that this week and let you know. Jonas did tell me tonight as I was making his lunch that he’s kind of tired having sandwiches. He told me he wanted rice, carrots and cheese, so Mark made some rice and I got it all put together. I hope he’ll like it! I included a little container of soy sauce. He loves it on his rice!!:)

What is your lunch prep style? Do you do it all at once? The night before? Or the morning of? Let us know what works for you!! Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and don’t forget to enter my contest here!!

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