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Let’s Get Organized ~ Week 21

How was your organizing last week? I finished mine!! Here’s some proof that I did it all:)

This is the before picture. Total Chaos!!

Another before picture.

And this is the after picture. Not anything too amazing, but I did do a lot of work. The clothes have decreased by more than half of what they were!! Especially from Tini’s wardrobe!!

A close up of the top shelf. We have to keep the crayon and pencil boxes up high so Tinian won’t get into them and color on everything!

The second shelf still has the CD’s. I also put the extra bed sheets and pillow cases on the back left and their swimming trunks are on the right behind the sock basket. I might move Tini’s socks to his drawer and use the basket for the CD’s. Might make it look a little nicer:)

And the second to last shelf now looks amazing compared to before!!

That was pretty scary, right?

And the bottom shelf I have decided not to worry about because it’s the shoe cubby so it will always be a mess. I’m not going to stress about it anymore! As long as they can find there shoes when they need them I’m ok with it:)

So, there you have it! A somewhat clean and organized closet!

I haven’t decided what I’m going to work on this week yet. I just don’t know what other small job I can do to feel like I accomplished something during the week…. Any suggestions? I have a few ideas, like the bathrooms or the playroom. This is also the last week of school so I’m going to be working on getting together a new chore chart for the older boys so they don’t sit around watching TV all day!! AND I need to start making up fun things to do on our trip to Rano! So those are the projects I’m working on this week as well as finishing up their Teacher Scrapbooks I made as a gift! *SIGH*

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you have a great week!! Enjoy your organizing and let me know what you’re working on!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized ~ Week 21

  1. Everytime I see your title, “Let’s Get Organized!” I think of when the dad on So I Married an Axe Murderer when he’s singing “If You Think I’m Sexy” by Rod Stewart, and he yells in the middle of it, “Let’s get physical!!!” Let’s Get Organized! Let’s Get Physical! Anyways. The closet looks fantastic, Megs. So proud/jealous of you.

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