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Planning for the New Year

Good morning!! Wow, it has been waaayyy too long since I’ve blogged. I’m so sorry. Life is so overwhelming right now! I cannot believe there’s only 3 more days until Christmas!! Are you ready? I’m definitely not!! We are usually getting ready up until the last minute, which I’m actually ok with. It’s a part of Christmas, right?

Ok, today we are going to talk about planners. Why? Because I am READY to get my life together in 2015!! This year I haven’t been doing any organizing and I have felt totally out of sorts all year. I hate that feeling and I want to be organized daily and also have my home more organize and clean. My goal is to buy a planner and get into the habit of using it DAILY!! I will carry it everywhere with me so I will probably need to get a new purse. Hehe

So, here are the planners I am debating between and I just can’t make up my mind! I feel like I finally have and then I realize that, wait a minute, the other ones have other features I want and so I am back at square one again.

1.) Erin Condrin ~ These planners are extremely popular and all the hype among planners. I get sticker shock when thinking about buying this planner though because it costs… brace yourself … $50!!! Aaaaahhhh!! Not to mention all the things I would want to Add-on to make it functional for me. I totaled it all up and with shipping it will cost $95.35!!! YIKES!!! Plus, I want to buy a cute little Waffle Flower stamp set to use with my planner as well as Erasable pens, so those would actually make the total about $35 MORE!! So that number scares me off, but I still REALLY want to try out an Erin Condrin Planner. I mean look how CUTE this one I want is!


When I first saw this planner I knew it was PERFECT!! I LOVE the song by Sara Bareilles and want it to be my theme song so it would be perfect for a new year and a new planner!

Here are the add-ons I picked to make my planner perfect for me:

ecplanner6 ecplanner8 ecplanner9

ecplanner10 ecplanner11

If you want to see the prices on any of these add-ons click on the image to take you to the product.

I love the customizable stickers so even though I probably won’t go with the Erin Condren planner I might just purchase a couple sheets of the stickers.

2.) Plum Paper Designs ~ I found this company through a YouTube video done by Organized Like Jen. She did a comparison video between her Erin Condren planner and her Plum Paper planner. I am SOOOOO glad I found this video because the Plum Paper planners are only $31 or $35!!! Woohooo!! Another thing I love about their planners is that you can choose how you want your week at a glance set up. They have 4 different options and they’re all customizable to you and what you want.

They also have add-on pages you can buy and there are TONS of them!! I have a list of ones I want added into my planner to further help me organize my life. These added pages range from $4.50-$1. Not too bad, not too bad!!

These are some of my favorite covers:

PPDplanner PPDplanner1 PPDplanner6

You can customize the planners with your name and the year on it. If you don’t want either of those things on the front cover you can have that done too.

PPDplanner3 PPDplanner2 PPDplanner18

PPDplanner13 PPDplanner11 PPDplanner7

PPDplanner16 PPDplanner17



These are some of the pages and sections I like and would probably put in a planner. Click on the images to go to the product page.

3.) Mormon Mom Planner ~ I love this planner and the little extras it has for LDS moms. I am Mormon and it has been a goal of mine to become more spiritual daily for about the past 3 years and I start out doing great, but after the first few months of the year I kinda stop being so gung-ho. I though a planner like this would be great in helping me with things I want to start doing as a family spiritually and personally.

The planner I want is out of stock though and who knows when it will be back in stock so this option is actually not on my list anymore. It looks like a great planner though. I think next year I might try this one out, but I will order it in the summer time before it gets sold out, hopefully!

Here are some of my favorite covers:

mormonmomplanner mormonmomplanner1 mormonmomplanner2 mormonmomplanner3

And here are a few of the inside pages:

mormonmomplanner4 mormonmomplanner5

mormonmomplanner6 mormonmomplanner7

mormonmomplanner8 mormonmomplanner9

You can actually buy this one as a PDF and then bind it yourself. I considered that, but I want someone else to do all of the work printing and putting it together. Is that weird? It makes it feel more “professional” and like I will actually use it.

They do have more than just this Mormon mom planner on their website. They sell 6 different types of planners:

Mom on the Go

Simple Planner

Young Womens Planner

Know it, Live it, Love it Planner

PDF Mormon Mom Planner

There are TONS and TONS of videos on YouTube of women showing off  their planners. Erin Condren is all the rage right now, but you can find Plum Paper videos too. Here are a few that I really liked:

Erin Condren How I’m using it by mercytiara

Sarah Swann unboxing

Jennifer McGuire Planner Organization

Plum Paper Planner vs. Erin Condren Life Planner review by Organized Like Jen (This one was my favorite over all because she gives you a good look at both planners.)

So, by the time this post will go live I will have already made up my mind about which planner to use and it really came down to cost and customization. I decided to go with the Plum Paper Planner because I loved how much I could customize what was on the inside. I cannot WAIT to get it!! Since I ordered it a little late I probably won’t get it until about the second week in January, but it will still work out. I am hoping that maybe they will get it done faster than that, but I know I shouldn’t count on it.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by the blog!! What are you doing to get yourself ready for the new year? I’d love to hear if you use a planner and which one? I’ve always really loved writing things down, it’s just sticking to them and accomplishing things that I have a hard time with!

Next week I am hoping to come back with a post about my New Year Resolutions.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday and a very Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Dude, I love you, with all of your goals and lists. I need to be more like that. I think I’m a little too artsy fartsy and a little too ADD. I’m always like, “I need to do dishes! Oooh, there’s that book I’ve been wanting to start!”

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