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Bathroom Organization with Baskets

I don’t know about you, but my Mondays are always Ca-Ray-Zyyyyy!! It’s the start of a new week so in a way we’re starting all over again. Even though we have the routine pretty much down pat by now, it’s still a crazy day. It’s the day that begins the week. I have to start my cleaning schedule over again. I have to remember all our appointments and other things going on. It’s just a stress filled day with lots to do. Not my favorite day of the week I’ll say, but it’s here so I thought I’d start this week off with something fun and organizer friendly:)

I told you I’ve been searching for baskets and bins, etc. to put in the playroom and I found one at JoAnn’s for the kids’ dress up clothes. Well, I found some other ones that would work well for our bathroom accessories. I wasn’t planning on changing them anytime soon, but I have noticed lately how the ones we’re using now don’t really fit with our bathroom decor. When I saw the awesome sale JoAnn’s was having this week I found some small ones that were pretty cheap with the 50% off and decided they would go great in our bathroom.

Here’s before:


And here’s after:


Why did I chose black baskets with a silver rim? Well, as you can see above the toilet space saver is silver and the rest of the hardware in the bathroom is black (the towel rod, the toilet paper holder and the hand towel holder).


So I thought that it would all flow well together. What do you think? Do you agree? I’m totally open to your opinion so please tell the truth. I’m not very good at interior design so I need all the help I can get! Now I just need to clean up the other two shelves on the space saver and this bathroom will be good. I’d love to paint it in the future. I was thinking maybe a beige color to match the shower curtain. What do you think? I thought it would be cool to do a sponge effect on the walls, but I’m not sure. At one point I thought red paint, but now I think that might be too overwhelming.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Thanks for stopping by!:)

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2 thoughts on “Bathroom Organization with Baskets

  1. Looks good! We organized our bathroom too this weekend! As well as both our closets, under our bed and our storage unit on our porch!

  2. glidden sells a paint called warm caramel. i got it at home depot and it may be a match with ur shower curtain. it’s a really nice wall color. also, u can go to and paint walls online to see how they may look with all 4 done and whatnot. it helped me since some colors i sometimes chose ended up tinted different when i saw them online to the paint card. glad i caught it before i painted all the walls!

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