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Mommy Moments Day 2

This contest ends on Saturday so I better get my butt moving! I’m going to do this out of order, I hope that’s ok because that’s just how my life is! Day 2 is a something that puts a smile on my face OR Feelings.

Also, I think I’m cheating on this one because I just couldn’t resist finding a picture of all my boys that makes me smile!! So, here you go:

I love watching Jonas read! He loves to read, usually and I just can’t believe how much he has changed over the school year! He used to need my help reading a lot, but now he can read a whole book without any help! It makes me really proud of him!

Brynnan loves to explore and climb and has very expressive faces! I love it!

And Tinian…. What can I say about this toddler? He is so busy I can barely keep up with him! But he’s a cuddly little baby and needs love and attention. He enjoys making us laugh and he makes the cutest faces as well as some funny faces too! I love this kid!! He’s growing up WAY too fast!!

I LOVE my three boys!! I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world!!


1 thought on “Mommy Moments Day 2

  1. Yes, out of order is okay. Great shots! Welcome to our Mommy Photo Challenge so glad to have you join in on the fun.
    Just a couple of friendly reminders:
    -Post the title/prompt on the link up.
    -Follow both co-host- and
    -Make sure the picture you are submitting is the one that shows up on the linky.
    -If you have more than one picture in a post, link up each picture and at the end of the url add #1, #2, #3 and so on….

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