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What is your daily schedule? If it’s anything like mine, it changes every single day. I hate it. I wish every day could be the same. Even though that might get a little old very quick I wonder if it would be easier to raise my kids that way. They need a lot of structure in their day. I think that’s why they love going to school because, for the most part, the daily schedule is alike. At home, though, even though we do certain things at certain times, you have to be flexible. Especially with little kids!

So, I’ve been having behavior problems with my 2 older boys a lot over the summer. It seems to have gotten a lot worse with my kindergartner since school started. I’ve talked with the school and therapists and doctors. I think most of it has to do with the fact that he is a busy kid. He’s always on the go!! The kid can’t sit still for longer than a few seconds, seriously!! The other afternoon I spent an hour trying to get him to finish one page of homework because he kept getting up and running around and just going crazy!!

I finally decided that we NEED a schedule. It didn’t have to be pretty or perfect, he just needed something to tell him how the day is going to go. I kept putting it off because I wanted to do it all cutesy, but I never have the time or when I do I forget or get distracted by other stuff. *SIGH* The wonderful life of being a mom.

On Monday afternoon this past week I decided we were just going to do it. I grabbed some red paper (red is Brynnan’s favorite color so I knew he’d LOVE doing this project with me:)hehe), some glue, markers, a pen and some beads so he could decorate it. We sat at the table and talked about all the things we do during the day. Brynnan has therapy twice a week and PSR as well, but I wanted to make the schedule simple. I wrote every step down and drew a picture next to it and then Brynnan glued on beads and eyes. It was fun! And I’m happy with the result. Even though it’s not perfect or cute, by any means, it works. Brynnan refers to it throughout the day and he hasn’t been fighting me about doing homework since we hung it up on his bedroom door:

Please don’t laugh at my hideous attempts to draw the steps!! I’m probably the worst artist alive, much to my artist Dad’s embarrassment. LOL I’m just kidding… about my dad being embarrassed about me. At least I hope he’s not…

Anyway, most of the beads have now fallen off. I keep finding them around their door so I think I’ll take them all off since we have a one year old walking around and he’ll put anything in his mouth.

This schedule has worked out wonderfully, for the most part. The only hang up is that when you make up a schedule with Brynnan¬† you have to stick to it. So on Tuesday it took Brynnan about an hour to eat lunch and by that time he had to go to therapy so he didn’t have time to do his homework. When he got home an hour later he wanted to do Quiet Time, not Homework like he needed to. So this also brought on another hourly homework session. I told Mark about it and he told me I shouldn’t spend that much time on homework with him, even if he doesn’t finish the whole sheet, so that is my new goal. I’m not going to stress about my kindergartner doing his homework all at once.

I need to relax and just get things done. I’ve been meaning to do this schedule thing for over a month now. So I’m glad that we got it done, even though it’s not completely perfect. I need to learn to simplify my life. I guess that’s why I started doing all this homemaking blogging and stuff. I have a lot of ideas in store for you so I hope you keep coming back!

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