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Well Laid Plans


Hello scrapbookers! I hope you are all healthy and well! I am not, which is one of the reasons I haven’t been around too much, or that my posts might seem a bit off, like the one that I totally forgot to unschedule on Tuesday about being up on the Crafty Maven Getaway channel. My Project Life video is not yet up there, but it will be later today so keep an eye out for it.

I have been laid up at home with an AWFUL kidney infection. It has been horrible for the past 6 days! The weekend was the worst! Saturday afternoon it got so bad that I was just laying in bed crying because of the pain. I finally went into the Urgent Care near my house and the Dr. confirmed that it was most definitely a kidney infection. He gave me some strong meds and sent me on my way. Sunday was awful, even with the amazing numbing pills he prescribed, I was in constant pain, no matter what I was doing. Fast forward to today, I am doing much, much, musch better! The pain in my kidney’s/back has mostly gone a way. It’s a dull pain and I can handle that. I’m still pretty warn out so I have decided to take this week off and just lay on the couch. I’ve been watching tons of Netflix and YouTube and enjoying the “time off”. My husband has been a big help with the kids, but now that I’m feeling somewhat better I have to go back to being mom all the time. Raise your hand if your husband is the same?!! HAHA, the second you say, “I feel a little better”, the pity party stops. We’re used to it though, right?

Ok, let’s move onto the reason for this post…. Mostly I just wanted to say hi and have some semblance of normalcy and blogging was easier than making a scrapbook layout at this point. I’m laying comfy in my bed with my cute dog, Max, next to me! (I’d include a picture, but quite honestly that feels like to much work. lol!) He has been my constant companion the past 6 days, but really, he doesn’t understand that I don’t want him climbing all over me and sitting on my lap like normal. Poor thing! I think he’s just happy to have me home though, I started a part time Substitute playground aide job at my kids’ school back in March. I am gone 4 hours a day and some days it up to 7, just depending on if I have errands to run before and after work.

I have a video up on my YouTube channel today going into more details and laying out the plans that I have for the future. I hope you will enjoy watching it. I really appreciate all your comments and the sweet things you say. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of Crafty Meggy and it means the world to me when you like what I do.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!




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