Craft Room Tour BEFORE

If you are looking to see a beautifully organized and clean craft room you have come to the WRONG place! LOL I’ve mentioned that my craft room is a complete mess and I’m trying to clean it up and reorganize. I have been sharing my craft room with my kids as a playroom and it is just NOT working!! Between all the projects I have spread everywhere and all the toys they have EVERYWHERE, there’s just not enough room and I get so stressed out being in there most of the time. It’s frustrating because I LOVE having a craft room, also because my laptop is in there and I do everything on my laptop. *SIGH*

SO, with the new year here and a new desire to start organizing and cleaning I have decided to take back the room and make it ALL a craft room. YAY!! I’m REALLY excited! The kids’ toys can easily fit in their room after a little bit of reorganizing and then I’ll have more room to spread out and not feel so cramped with toys everywhere!

This video is of the before. It’s really scary and I’m very embarrassed to show it to you, but I want to keep things real so you know that I’m not at ALL a perfect person! My room hardly ever looks clean so here is proof of that:)

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I’m hoping that it will only take me a couple weeks to clean out and reorganize. I’ve decided not to paint it because we actually want to sell our house in a few months so I want to save the money I’d use on that now for a new house. I think we’re dreaming BIG and we’ll probably be stuck in this house for a lot longer, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

Do you have a messy craft room? I’d love to see your craft room if you have a blog or Facebook page to share pictures with us. I am hoping once I get reorganized I can keep everything clean, but who am I kidding. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Ugh, I need to organize my craft room/storage room really badly. And get a D.I. lamp to put in there so I don’t have to keep stealing the lamps we have upstairs and bringing them down so I can see. Eventually we’ll get it how I’d like it. I’m just so glad I finally have a place to put all my crap.

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