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LGO ~ Craft Room Progress

I have been working hard this past week and I am loving how my room looks so far. I still have a long way to go before it’s done, but I’m getting closer!! Here are some pictures of my room right now:





It looks really good, right?!! I mean, a week ago, it looked like this:




Ahhh!!!! I can finally BREATHE instead of CRINGE every time I walk into my room! And tonight, my only goal after I put the kids to bed is to finish sewing my husbands snorlax bean bag that I gave to him for Christmas TWO YEARS ago!! TWO WHOLE YEARS!! And it still isn’t done!! That’s what that big black thing in the picture above is. If you get distracted by other projects easily, I would not suggest this project for you! lol I cannot wait to finish it!!

So, that’s where I’m at this week. I will mainly be working on organizing little things for the next couple weeks. This week I’ll be focusing on my scrapbook desk and the cube shelves. I’m finally going to organize my washi tape stash!! I bought some cut files from the Silhouette online store and I’ll more than likely be showing you a process of how I make those.

Stay tuned the rest of the week. I have a bunch of posts I need to get up, I’ve just been so busy and on a roll with organizing I haven’t wanted to stop! 🙂

Thanks for coming by!


2 thoughts on “LGO ~ Craft Room Progress

  1. Let’s Get Physical!! That looks a lot better! You, my friend, might have even more crafty stuff than I do. And that’s saying something. Thanks so much for your help on my perpetual calendar this morning! You are the best!!

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