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5 Minute Layout Challenge ~Love Today

Hi, scrapbookers! I thought I had this post go up yesterday and when I came on today to put up a new one I discovered that I never actually finished writing it, let alone sceduling it to post. I really thought I had written it up already. SIGH!! I guess that’s the life of a mom/housewife. I’ve been doing so great with keeping my house cleaned the past 2 days and getting everything else done that I just thought I had gotten my blogging done too.

Anyway, I am an avid follower of Sandra, ohsnapgonzo, and Lisa, maggiemylow, on YouTube. They’re such fun gals and I just LOVE watching their process videos and have enjoyed their vlogs too. Lisa posted on facebook last week saying they were doing a 5 minute layout challenge and were wondering if anyone wanted to join them. I said yes! And so here I am with my finished layout and my video. I did not make the 5 minute deadline. My layout took about 13 minutes to complete, but I am in LOVE with the end result!! I’m so glad I did this challenge!


This is my niece, Courtney, who is 14 years old now!! I took these pictures way back in 2009. I can’t believe how fast she’s grown up!!



I used Teresa Collins Life Emporium collection for this whole layout. The background paper is my absolute favorite!!




Ok, here’s the process video for you to watch:

Thanks for stopping by!! I’ll be back tomorrow or later tonight with another 5 minute layout process video. I hope you are having a great Tuesday!

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