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Catching Up!

Hello my scrappy friends! I hope you are all doing well today!! I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. Like I said yesterday, life has been crazy busy the past few weeks and I am READY for school to start!! I’ve been seeing friends and family posting pictures of their kids going off to their first days of school and let me tell you, it makes me want to be them, just a little! lol

Anyway, instead of posting 2 posts for every video I’ve done over the past couple weeks that I haven’t blogged about, I thought I would just do one big catch up post. So, just keep scrolling until you come to the end! I’ll post links to my facebook pages to go along with every layout/video I’ve done.

First off, lets jump back to the June Clique Kits Kill a kit video, which you can find here. I absolutely LOVED this video and I definitely KILLED this kit!! I was so excited because it was the first kit I have ever killed! And I’ve been getting kits for over a year too. I usually just use a little bit here and there. This kit was so much fun though, I didn’t want to stop using it. I have since challenged myself to kill every kit I get from them before I move onto the next one…. I still need to work on doing that with the May kit. Sssshhh! don’t tell! Hehe.

Second, I already blogged about the first layout I made with the July Clique Kit. You can find the post here and the video for that scrapbook process here.

Third, I’m going to stop saying numbers now, I hope that’s ok with you! 🙂 I did my spotlight video over at The Crafty Maven Getaway the last Sunday in July. You can find that video here.

I posted my second video on the Crafty Maven Getaway Youtube channel on August 1st. I did a scraplift challenge with Danielle who is Banning Lane on YouTube. This is the layout we scrapifted and this is my layout I made:


I found the layout on the Scrapaholics Anonymous facebook group. Isn’t it so pretty?!! I didn’t even come close to what she made, but I do like what I came up with.


When I first started I wasn’t too sure if I could make this layout, but the more I kept on going I started having fun with it.

I also shared the unboxing of my august Clique Kit called Ambrosia. I am sooooo in love with it! You can check that out here. I kind of went a little crazy buying add-ons!! I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. lol

I posted another layout from my HUGE layout binge in March when I participated in the contest called Calvinball over at Get it Scrapped. I made 50 layouts and I’m still trying to do the voice overs and post them every Saturday. Last Saturday I posted one called Wonder.


I started posting my July Clique Kit videos this week. I started out with Poor Dad: (you can watch the process video here.)


The triangle paper was my FAVORITE!!! I totally want to get more of that to keep in my stash and never use! lol It’s just so pretty!


I think this is my favorite layout I made with this kit. I really love the layering and the title work. And of course, the photo!! It’s a favorite one of me and Tinian, my youngest son, two days after he was born. You can watch the process video here.


I have really grown to love this layout. I wasn’t too fond of it, but I really love the photos of my middle son Brynnan and the layers look good together. You can watch the process video on my YouTube channel here.

And last, but not least is layout #5 with the July Clique Kit that I posted on my channel today called, What a Pickle!


I love the title and story behind this layout. It was a very simple design and only took me 27 minutes to make.

So, now that you are all caught up, we can move on! I’ll be back tomorrow with a Project Life page! Can you believe it?!  I’m kind of changing up the way that I scrapbook and I’m going to include more PL pages, to help me get more photos in my albums and not take up too much space.

Thanks for stopping by today! See you again tomorrow!

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