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December Daily with Pictures for Days 5-11

Hello crafters!! How has your Saturday been? Mine has been CA-RAY-ZY, to say the least! I think I mentioned last night that my kids and I were going to be driving 5 hours to Boise to spend the weekend with my in-laws. Well, we were on the road by about 8:45 and making good time. It was great! The kids were watching a movie or playing their DS’s and I was listening to my scrapbooking podcast. I noticed that my speedometer was going crazy! The speed limit is 80 on the interstate so I was going 80. The little speed marker would jump down to 30mph and then to 60 and then back to 80 and then down to 30 again. And it would do that every few minutes. It was weird! About 30 minutes later my engine light came on!! Ahhhh!! I started freaking out. You don’t mess with engine lights! I called my husband and we decided I would call the insurance and get a tow truck to tow me back home… all 74 miles!!! My insurance only covered…. 16 miles of that!!!! So, yeah, it was a LONG day! 4 hours after discovering the engine light we finally arrived home. We couldn’t find a service station that was actually open so we had to leave it at one for the weekend and wait for them to call us on Monday.

Here I am now, at home, where I’m not supposed to be, and blogging about December Daily. It’s been a long day so let’s just get right into it. Here’s the video of me adding pictures to my December Daily for days 5-11.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are having a better weekend than me! 🙂

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