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Love by the Trees Layout

Hello scrapbookers and crafters! I am back today with another layout. This one is actually not part of the “episodes” on my youtube channel because I made these layouts for something called Video Response (aka VR) to a giveaway on YouTube. There are a bunch of YouTube-ism’s I’m still getting used to, but this one I picked up on pretty quick. A lot of Scrapbook Process video makers do giveaways once they reach big numbers of subscribers. I’ve participated in a few different ones and so those layouts aren’t part of the episode pool. There are 2 of the layouts that were part of my 31 layouts before my 31st birthday challenge that I made for video responses. Today I’m sharing the first one I made for a challenge.

It was for a YouTube user name Danielle Brown and she is so much fun to watch on YouTube! Here’s the layout I made for her challenge:








Dannielle’s layout challenge requirements were to use the colors mint green, pink and yellow to create a layout. I really love the page that I made and the colors are really pretty! One of my favorite parts of the layout is the title. I love the Martha Stewart 3d alpha, the one that spells out ‘LOVE’. The yellow chevron pattern paper is also another favorite part of it! I LOVE chevron!!

Here’s the process video for this layout:

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