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Mojo-Busters Episode #2 (Hannah’s Challenge) ~ Photo Inspired Layout

Hello scrapbookers!! I am excited to bring you the second installment of this new series I am doing with some amazing YouTube friends of mine.

This weeks challenge was given to us by Hannah and she wanted us to be inspired by our photos.

I started out with 3 photos of Brynnan, my middle son, who was the youngest at the time these were taken. He was 2 and a very moody toddler!! I love these photos because they show how real life was; it wasn’t perfect. Brynnan cried a lot as a toddler. Even though it’s not happy I want to remember that life wasn’t always easy

mojobusterphotoinspired5 .

I was inspired by the fact that Brynnan was crying in these photos so I used a stencil with some textures paste to make it kinda look like tears falling down the background.


I used ephemera and patterned paper to reiterate the point that he is crying and life isn’t perfect. As a 2 year old something little is life shattering.


My original plan was to have the title be “Poor Brynny”, but I didn’t like how small the alphas were and it seemed too cliche. I didn’t like it. Instead of throwing it aside I still used it on the layout as a subtitle.


As I sat and thought about what I wanted the title to be I asked myself the question, “Why do I love these photos?” Well, my answer was “I love his big crocodile tears!!” Thus the title “Big, Crocodile Tears” was born and I think it’s my favorite title ever!!


You can watch the video below:

I hope you enjoy this layout and challenge as much as I did!! Have a great weekend!!



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