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Scrapbook Process Video Season 2 (2015) Episode 13 ~ Let’s Take a Ride

Hello again my scrapbooking and crafty friends! I hope you had a great day! I wanted to jump on and share this layout that I posted on my YouTube channel today. For this video and layout I made them a little bit backwards. The first layout that I show in the video actually was going to be it’s own page, but then I decided to make 2 pages. But it’s not your normal 2 pager, which usually has a theme. These two layouts are completely different, but the first one didn’t really have a title so that’s why I made them into a two page layout. Does that make sense? If not, watch the video to see what I mean.

Here are the close ups of the layouts:


This is the first page.



This is the second page. The two layouts are called ‘Let’s Take a Ride’


let's   let's3





Here’s the video:

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed these layouts! I’ll be back tomorrow with another album share.

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