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The SNS Telephone Hop

Hello Scrapbookers! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was definitely nice and relaxing!

I am so excited to be sharing this fun layout I made for a new hop I am participating in with the Secret not Secret Kit Club. It’s called the Telephone Hop and the idea is exactly like the game we used to play as kids…. the first person makes a layout and the second one scraplifts it. The second person passes on only their layout and the third person scraplifts that one… and it keeps going down the line. We all post the videos in a consecutive order.

Here is the layout that our first team member, Hannah Lemieux, made:

Isn’t it absolutely GORGEOUS?!!! I was so intimidated by scraplifting it that it took me about a week to finally decide what I was going to do with my layout. In the end I really love mine:

Since Hannah is my bestie, I kind of know her scrappy techniques really well. I knew how she made her background and so I tried to mimic it, but in my own way.

I added simple embellishments to bring attention to my photo and layering.

And for the mixed media I used a stencil I created myself on a scrap TN page and then put the left over part of the design on the layout background. If that doesn’t make sense then make sure to watch the layout process video below.

I used a black alpha for the title and made sure to do some journaling.

I love all the layers I was inspired to make from Hannah’s layout.

And lastly, I did create a small cluster at the bottom to go along with Hannah’s too.

Here is my process video. I hope you enjoy watching! Thanks for stopping by today!


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