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YouTube Project Life Hop!

Hello, hello my scrappy friends!! I am so excited to be sharing this fun new YouTube series I will be doing with some awesome friends!!

Let’s jump right in here, we are going to be doing a monthly challenge. We’ll be switching between doing layout and Project Life/Pocket scrapbooking. This month we started with Pocket pages and I was so excited! Kira came up with a fun challenge to choose cards randomly from out stash… NO PEEKING!! haha!

I picked out some good cards and some questionable ones as well. Sometimes I wonder why I keep things I will never use, but this challenge made me stretch and use cards I probably never would have. I hope you enjoy this hop!

This is my final spread. I love some of it and then the other parts are ok. hah, I am kind of in a rut with Project life, which is probably why I am so behind. This is a week from March.

I think these top 2 photos are 2 of my favorite! I couldn’t find shoelaces to fit in these shoes my husband bought me years ago and so they just sat in the closet after our dog, Max, chewed them up. He came up with the idea to buy regular laces and drill the holes bigger so they could fit. Genius, right?!!

My cute Tini wanted to make the special 100 day of school trail mix recipe. I love his smile in this photo!!

I love that wonderful banner and am so glad I could fit it into this weeks spread.

I am trying to focus on keeping everything simple! The ‘Oh Snap’ card was perfect the way it was so I just added a few enamel triangles to make you zone in on the words. I love it!

Some more pictures of my cute Tini. Can you tell who I really like taking pictures of?!!

Measuring up to dad! He is growing up so fast!

I really love capturing the everyday and scrapbooking about it while it’s still fresh in my memory!

This bottom right hand card is another favorite. I love the cards I made that day so I had to include them in my spread.


Thanks so much for stopping by! Make sure to watch my process video and follow the links in the description to find the other ladies participating with me!!


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