That Album Bundle


This class is a year long bundle that is divided into 3 easy to follow parts, Start That Album, Continue That Album & Finish That Album. I want to help you start an album and actually finish it by the end of the year.




If you’re anything like me you hate being behind in scrapbooking and sometimes it stresses you out. Well, in 2020 stress no longer!! I will post weekly videos with tips and tricks on how to actually keep up with your scrapbooking throughout the year. Of course, this will be fully based on how I make my own albums, which incorporates 12×12 layouts and pocket pages into a yearly format. I love scrapbooking like this to help keep everything flowing throughout the years. If this isn’t how you scrap, then I encourage you to take the class and adapt it to your own way of making albums. My goal is for you to have a finished album by January 1, 2021.


The 3 classes you will be getting at a discounted price for buying the bundle are:


Start That Album: The basis of this class will focus on, well, starting your album. All it takes is editing photos, printing them and making layouts. You CAN do this!! I will be there along the way to help you in the process. I will give you motivation to start and keep going for the first 4 months of the year. You will get 1 live session with me, once a month, as well as 1 Pocket page layout and 1 12×12 layout process video each week of the month. I will also include in each month tips and tricks on how to keep the momentum going.


Continue That Album: This class will help you focus on keeping up with editing photos, making layouts and actually putting them into albums. That’s another important part of finishing an album, actually having the layouts in one! 🙂 Your family wants to enjoy these memories as much as you want to preserve them so lets give them that satisfaction. Just as in the first class you will get 1 live session with me, once a month, as well as 1 Pocket page layout and 1 12×12 layout process video each week of the month.


Finish That Album: And, last, but definitely not least, this class will help you wrap it all up. We will keep on going with this class and you will get the live session, process videos and tips and tricks, just as in the other classes. With this one I will also include more album walk through’s as we near the end of the year. I will issue challenges to help those of you who get behind and we will have some fun crop times together. You WILL have a finished album by the end of this class and you will feel so happy with it!


There will be a Facebook group set up for everyone to share their albums, weekly layouts and pocket pages. It will be based on you and how I can help you with this project!! We can all motivate each other throughout the year.


I hope you will join me in the class room on January 2, 2020 and be ready to DIVE head first into starting your album. It will be a fun journey throughout the year that I look forward to going on with you.


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