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February Scrap Stash Kit Share ~ Wings

Hi, scrapbookers!! Today I have a video for you showing a kit that I put together using my stash. I know that february was last month and we are almost done with March. I can’t believe it! I did put this kit together in February I just never had time to scrapbook with it so I am using it this month as I do the Calvinball challenge over at So far as of today I have created 40 layouts!! I am totally surprised by this!! My first goal was to complete 8 layouts, maybe 10, the whole month. I surpassed that goal in the first week!! I can’t believe it! I have been scrapping to my hearts content! It has been so fun!

Anyway, here is the video of me showing you the kit I will be using. I really liked the colors of this kit so that’s the biggest reason I decided to stick with using it. I hope you’ll enjoy the videos I have coming for you! I can’t wait to share them!

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