January Update & 800 Subbies Giveaway Winner!

Hello my crafty friends!! It’s been a long time since I’ve done a post so I wanted to get on and share my most recent video. I talk a little bit about the plans I have for my channel for the month of January and going forward for this year. I also, finally, picked 2 winners for my 800 subbies giveaway!!

I have a few different plans for my YouTube channel. For the month of January I am going to be focusing on December Daily because I didn’t get any actually scrapbook pages done in that album and I want to get it finished by January 31st.

In February I will incorporate a new schedule for my channel. I will be posting on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Monday’s are going to be sort of a mish mash of videos. I am thinking I will focus on cards, mini albums or other things besides the traditional 12×12 layouts I usually make. I have made a goal to make 5 cards and 1-2 craft projects a month so I’m hoping that having a day dedicated to cards and other projects it will help me keep this goal. (If you didn’t know, I had a similar goal last year and completely failed! lol). Wednesday and Fridays will be kit days, whether they’re new, or old, those are the two days I will be using my kit stash, which has become kind of big. On Sunday I will continue doing my Scrappy Challenge layouts with Roni Sue Scrappy and other friends from YouTube.

So that is my new plan for my YouTube channel. You can find the video below:

Thanks so much for watching!! I hope you’re having a great new year so far!!

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