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Tinian’s Scrapbook Album Share

Hi, my scrappy friends!! How are you today?! I hope well! I am furiously cleaning my house before my in-laws get here after a week of being away and not cleaning. I know they don’t really care, but it makes me feel better and it gives me the motivation to clean. I actually wish they would visit more often! Haha! (Of course, I wouldn’t mind if they did, I actually have a great relationship with my in-laws.)

Anyway, I am sharing the baby scrapbook album I made for Tinian last weekend on my YouTube channel today. I am excited about this project, mainly because Tinian really wanted a scrapbook about him and also because I created this whole album in one single day!! It took me a little over 6 hours to complete. I know it’s not the most perfect album, but my goal was to just get it done and in as little time as possible. Now Tinian has his own album and everyone is happy!

Thanks for stopping by today!! I’ll be back with a layout tomorrow and another album share on Sunday.

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