A New Plan

Ok, I’m totally excited about this!! I was checking my facebook news page or whatever it’s called and I saw that my favorite pattern shop, Peek-a-Boo patterns came out with a new footed pj’s pattern today. The little girl in the picture advertising the pj’s was in a Christmasy setting and the thought dawned on me, I could make matching pj’s for my 3 boys for Christmas!!

It’s a tradition in our home that the kids open one present on Christmas Eve and Mark and I get to pick the present. It’s always pj’s, which is what we all wear to bed that night. It’s a fun tradition and something we all look forward to:) I’m sure it won’t always be that way so we’re enjoying it while we can.

Anyway, I realized last year how hard it was to find them matching pajamas so I was worried about finding them again this year, especially since Tinian is so much younger than the other 2. By making them myself, I can pick out one fabric and make 3 sets!! Woohoo!! I’m soooo excited (can you tell?!!) I talked Mark into letting me do it and bought the pattern. I’m going over to a friends house tonight so once we get the kids in bed I’m going to stop by JoAnn’s before heading over to her house. I can’t WAIT to pick out the fabric!! I don’t know if I’ll actually decide on one tonight. I’m sure I’ll make dozen’s of trips before making up my mind:)


Isn’t it CUTE??!! I LOVE the boxes and background! SO FUN!!:)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!!:) Stay tuned for some organizing updates tomorrow.

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