KCW Summer!


I just found out yesterday that it is once again Kids Clothes Week. I was bummed that I hadn’t heard before then, but I was already busy at work cutting and sewing so, it’s working out in my favor anyhow:)

This week for KCW I will be making 2 Lil’ Gentleman pants and vests for a friends boys’, I will also be making a long awaited Kitchenaid cover (which I realize isn’t a kids clothing article, but I’ve been promising to make it for a while so it’s on the list!) and a sock monkey for Brynnan for his birthday next week (ssshhh!! Don’t tell him!!). So, my sewing agenda is packed full!

So far, I’ve gotten one of the suits completely finished and I’m working on finishing the other suit today and tomorrow I will be onto the Kitchenaid cover. My husband has been asking me to make one ever since we got it back in February or March. So he will be VERY happy! 🙂

I have had a couple mishaps along the way with making these suits, though. It’s been driving me crazy!! I had some fabric left over from the last suit I made, but I needed more, so I bought some at JoAnn’s. I cut out all of the pieces and started to get them pinned together to sew when I realized the left over fabric was a slightly different color than the newer fabric!!! *SIGH* I had to go back to JoAnn’s and match the fabric to the new stuff to make a new vest. I got that pattern all cut out.

Then, I cut out the new fabric that matched and sewed most of the vest together. My husband came in and looked at it and said, “Uummm, I think something’s wrong.” I thought he was pulling my leg, but he wasn’t. Look at these lovely pictures:


Notice anything odd about this vest, besides the fact that I apparently can’t hang up clothing straight on the wall! hehe



Here’s a closer look…. can you tell now? If you guessed that the pin stripe pattern is going the wrong way, BINGO!! You guessed it right on the nose!! I can’t believe I did that!! After Mark noticed this I frantically checked all the other fabric I had cut out and thankfully it was just this one that I had cut the wrong way!!

Would you like to hear about the other mishaps I’ve had along the way with this? Well, I bought the liner fabric about a month ago and I washed it right away. After washing it I put it back in the JoAnn’s bag and then set it aside to get some other projects done for my photography business. When I got back to making the suits I pulled out the silk lining fabric and realized there were spot everywhere on it. It looked like grease had been splattered on it. I had forgotten that I’d washed it and so I thought I had bought it like that! UGH! So I went back to the store, bought some more lining fabric and washed it. You’ll never guess what happened?!!! Yep, this fabric came out of the dryer with grease spots on it too!! I was seriously going to scream!! Why was this happening? I went to the washer and realized the culprit was most likely fabric softener. I don’t usually use the fabric softener holder that is in my machine. I don’t like the mess it makes, but about a month ago I decided I wanted to try using it again. I didn’t clean it out before putting in the silk fabric and there was a huge glob of it falling down the machine!!! So, yes, I went back to the store and bought more fabric. This time I decided not to wash it and I’m hoping against hope that the fabric won’t shrink too much after I make it. I’m making it a little big in hopes that will help!

Moral of the story is, don’t use your fabric softener holder container in your machine unless you clean it meticulously after every wash!! Ha, that’s definitely not my thing! 🙂

And the last mishap is that I kept buying the wrong size snap. So, tomorrow I will be heading to JoAnn’s once again to purchase more of the right size snaps for the 2nd vest, oh, and I can’t forget that I spaced buying buttons for the second vest too. I really think I need a break from all this work I’ve been doing over the last month!! Between photography and sewing I just can’t keep up! But I love doing both of them so what should I do??!! *SIGH*

Are you participating in this weeks KCW? What are you making? I’d love to see it! Leave a link to your posts or pictures in the comments so we can come show you some love! I’ll be back later this week with pictures. Only these few teasers are going to have to satisfy you for now! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re having a great week so far!!

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