Kids Clothing Week ~ Day 2

Well, I JUST found out yesterday that this is the fall week of KCW. I haven’t been paying attention and luckily stumbled onto a blogger that was participating and blogged about it yesterday. SO, since I am not prepared at all and have no idea where to even start I am going to be working on patching jeans and finishing previous projects. I got the idea for patching jeans as I was going through my sewing board on pinterest this morning and found this pin for patching the knees of jeans. (Click picture to go to post)


The funny thing is that this is what she did last year for KCW Day 1! 🙂

Brynnan is REALLY hard on his clothes! I mean REALLY hard! I have to buy him new jeans at least once a month! And it drives me crazy because I hate spending money that often. I usually put the holey jeans in a pile on my fabric bookshelf and convince myself I’ll get around to mending them “someday” and then never do it. When I get in an organizing mood and clear out my fabric bookshelf I just throw them away or take them to DI so I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

Well, not anymore! I have 2 pairs of his pants that have holey knees, so this week I will be fixing those with some fun patches. I also have a shirt that I was going to make for him for the new school year, but never got around to making it since machine broke. I also have some pants I made for a friends kids that I need to adjust the waistline on and add an inch to. SO, there you have it, my plan for the rest of the week.

Here’s how I’ll be spending my time:

Tuesday ~ cutting out fabric for jeans knee hole patches and patching them up

Wednesday ~ Adding fabric to the waistline of 2 boys dress up pants.

Thursday ~ Start sewing the hoodie shirt for Brynnan

Friday ~ Finish sewing the hoodie shirt for Brynnan

I’m planning on sewing for 30 minutes a day after lunch when Tinian is napping. If I have more time after the first 30 minutes I’ll keep going, but if I only get in the first 30 minutes then I’ll work on finishing up the Tuesday and Wednesday projects at night after the kids go to bed. I hope to be back later this week with pictures of my progress and finished pieces!

Are you participating in KCW this week? Leave a link showing what you’re working on!! I’d love to see it! Run on over to the KCW blog to check out how others are doing this week so far!

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