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Fashion Friday

I thought I’d write a fashion post today. I’m not into skinny jeans a whole lot because they make my legs feel claustrophobic. Is that weird? Well, It’s true:) I don’t like the feeling of my legs being hugged so tight that they have no room. BUT I bought a pair of skinny pants at… Read More Fashion Friday

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Tuesdays Tune up

I DID IT!!!! I did it ALL! I warmed up before I left this morning for my run, I did the five minute warm up walk, I jogged for 90 seconds walked for 2 minutes. The whole 20 minute workout!! I didn’t have to walk more than was suggested!! My calves were fine! I could… Read More Tuesdays Tune up

Exercise, Life

Tuesdays Tune-Up

Hello!! How are you all doing today? I am here to check in and let you know how my progress is going with working out and training for my 5k in August… last week was a doosy of a week. I think I went out jogging twice. AND I hurt my knee for pushing myself… Read More Tuesdays Tune-Up