Catching up on Scrapbooking

Hello, friends!! Wow, I haven’t been around here in a while. I’ve been kind of busy, and sick. I have a head cold and really bad sore throat. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. I love the colors of fall, but I live in Idaho and the mornings are starting to get really cold so you have to wear a coat. By about lunchtime it’s in the 70’s and you don’t even want a jacket. It’s annoying. And, every year, without fail, I get a sore throat that sticks around for a month or two.

So that’s where I’m at right now. I haven’t really been doing much of anything the past couple weeks. I’ve been somewhat cleaning my craft room every now and then and I even came up with a plan for this week, but have I done any of it? Nope! I’m in a cleaning and scrapbooking rut. And it makes me sad. I was on nicolejones911’s facebook group and I saw a bunch of layouts that have inspired me though so I’m hoping tomorrow morning after I send the kids off to school I will get at least 2 layouts done, hopefully more.

I do have a few layouts and videos to share that I have made over the past few months, so over the next week I will be doing that here on my blog. First off, I want to share a fun challenge I am doing weekly with a friend on YouTube.

Roni Sue Scrapper and I have teamed up to do a weekly challenge with each other. We started doing it on Sept. 21st and it has been so much fun! It has been pushing me to do things I wouldn’t do otherwise and to use things I didn’t think I would and to do things I have also been wanting to do. This past Sunday we did a grid layout and I have been wanting to make a layout like that for a LONG time! It was a lot of fun to finally sit down and do it!

Anyway, here’s the first challenge layout I made with a kit that Roni sent me. We decided to go through our stash and make a kit for each other. I LOVED the kit she sent me! I actually did 3 layouts with it so I will be sharing those on my channel soon.

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Here are some photos:


I absolutely love this collection that she sent me! I think it’s called ‘Boys Rule’.



The colors of the kit worked perfectly with the pictures I used.



I love working on these old pictures. They bring back so many fun memories and I love remembering life back then, when these boys were toddlers and life wasn’t so hard in the way it is now. lol

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you’re having a great scrappy/crafty week!

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