Decorated Valentines Box for School

My 6 year old is so excited about his Valentines Day class party! I’m excited too. I really love Valentines day! His teacher asked me to help out with the class party so I found a cute little bingo game on pinterest that I’m going to print out and use that. I need to go shopping at the dollar store for little prizes before Thursday. I have so much fun helping out at my kids’ class parties!! I just need to find a babysitter….

Anyway, I’m getting off the subject… searching pinterest last week for cute Valentine box ideas and I found one that I thought was really cute and easy:



I had just enough kraft paper on a roll to cover a box for Brynnan. On Thursday night after dinner he and I sat down at the table with my glue gun, construction paper and cereal box and got to work. He had a blast covering his box with blue and pink hearts!



He was very proud of his creation!!


I had to include this picture! I think the silly ones are just as cute as the smiling ones. It shows their personality more! 🙂


I decided to glue the ribbon on top with my hot glue gun because it was easier. The tutorial says to make holes at the top of the box and put the ribbon in that way, but the hot glue works too.


The back was full of hearts 🙂


And so were the sides. I’m glad I let him decorate it. I probably could’ve done a neater job, but it means so much more to him and I love watching him make his own creations and crafts!

So, that’s my Pinterest Pick for last week! I hope you’ll stick around to find out what I have picked out for this week! Come back on Friday!

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  1. Cute! I’m so glad I don’t have to make any of my kids’ valentine’s boxes. But I still have to have them sit down and write their names and their classmates’ names on valentines sometime this week…

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