Fashion Friday & Some Music

I’ve been a little busy trying to actually keep my house clean this week. Fun stuff!! But I’ve been getting stuff done so it’s good!

As most of you might know, my Grandma died at the end of May. I went out there for her funeral and stayed for a week. While I was there my mom volunteered to do my hair the morning of the funeral. It’s probably been 15 years since she’s done my hair!! So it brought back memories and made me feel like a kid/teenager again.

Anyway, I decided to do a half braid on myself last week and it turned out pretty good. At least I thought so. I’m not really into doing my own hair because I’m a weak wimp and my arms get tired after .5 seconds! lol But I made myself do it this time and I got through it.

What do you think? I liked it. I’ve always been partial to french braids. They’re my favorite kind. I think they look cool, but I know they’re not really that fashionable right now and that’s fine with me. I like what I like:)

I also straightened the bottom of my hair that stayed down. It was crazy and wavy and I couldn’t stand it. I think I’m going to cut my hair. I don’t do anything with it most days and it just looks BLAH!! Now that it’s summer I just throw it up in a pony tail most days. I’ve also found that it I leave it up for too long or in a pretty braid or something it gives me a headache!!:P I’m getting to sensitive in my old age of 29… UGH!

I have been really bad about working out for the last 2 months!! So bad!! I have only gone maybe once!! UGH! I really need to get back in gear, but having all three kids home all the time has thrown me off and it’s harder to get a babysitter. I’m also making up excuses too so that is a big part of it. 😛 Since I haven’t been doing those weekly bposts I thought I’d leave you with a music video that I just love, mainly because I love the song!:) The fireworks coming off of everyone is kinda interesting…. lol It’s a good upbeat song to work out to, I’ll leave it at that:)

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Hope you have a good weekend!!

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