**Happy Thanksgiving!!**

I wanted to jump on real quick and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! We are spending the day with my in-laws and brother in law in Boise. We have some fun stuff planned and I wanted to share with you a couple crafts we’ve done this week with the kids:

On Monday I had the kids make Mayflower finger paintings and we talked about what the Mayflower was and had a little history lesson.

This is Brynnan’s finished painting. The yellow circles are clouds, the hand is the Mayflower and the blue is the water:) I thought they turned out really cute!

I made these little thanksgiving turkeys at home with Styrofoam balls, yarn, Crystal light lids and little eyeballs. I cut out the feathers on my Silhouette and we had everyone write up what they’re thankful for. I then taped the feathers onto toothpicks and stuck them into the turkey.

I had so many feathers we had to make 2 rows.

This is the one I’m going to let Mark’s parents keep and display every year:)

This one also had 2 rows of feathers:)

Some of the things we’re thankful for are:

Homes, School, Family, Drinks (Jonas wrote this one up first and Brynnan thought it was a good one too:) I thought it was so funny!), Food, America, Sausage Rolls, Walks in the Woods, Restored Gospel, Service, Horses (I wrote that one up for tini), Cameras, Nemo, Good Health, Jesus, Heavenly Father & the Holy Ghost. That’s not everything, but that’s a good list, in my opinion!:)

I hope you have a wonderful day!! Thanks for stopping by!

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