Let’s Get Organized! ~ Play Room/Craft Room

I think I’ve mentioned that I am turning the playroom into my craft room? I just can’t deal with only have 1 6ft. desk to do all of my projects!! Especially since I’m into doing so many different crafts these days. One project takes up my whole desk for weeks at a time and it drives me crazy!! I want to be able to leave out stuff so if I have a little bit of time I can sit down and pick up where I left off. I don’t have to waste my time pulling everything out and then putting it away again. If I did that every time I probably wouldn’t have much time to craft at all!

The play room has been a disaster lately. Tinian LOVES to dump toys out of their boxes or bins and play with only a few of them. He also LOVES to bring his toys out to the living room so that room is now almost just as bad! *SIGH*

My solution is to get rid of all the toys…. Wait, no, that’s not it… I’m going to move all my crafting stuff into that room and split the toys between the closet in that room and their bedroom upstairs. I’m sure it will be a big adjustment after having a play room for 3 and a half years!! But, I’m really excited about it and I can’t wait to get started on it.

These are before pictures of the playroom from last week:

This is the view from the closet.

The view from the other side of the room, opposite the closet.

And this is the closet, the most organized space in the room. I had been going through winter clothes so you can see the pile of things needing to be washed and put away on the floor on the left. Most of this stuff I’m going to take to the storage unit and the rest I will give away or find a better home for. My plan is to put the colorful toy organizing bins into the closet with their little table. That way they can still play with toys if we’re all down stairs and if they want to color or do homework while I’m in my craft room I can keep an eye on them.

The wire shelf I am planning on moving upstairs to the boys’ room with extra toys that don’t fit in the closet. That plan might and probably will change as I move along in this project.

I have a bunch of work to do so here is my daily list and then I need to go get started!!

Monday – Pick up and organize all the toys.

– Clean out playroom closet and take everything to storage unit or find other homes for it.

Tuesday – Move wire shelf upstairs

– organize toys

– hang shelves in craft room

– paint bookshelves

Wednesday – move desk downstairs (I just bought a gorgeous desk from my favorite bloggers who refinish old furniture. I’m SO excited about using it!!)

– move cube shelves into craft room and organize all supplies onto shelves and desk

Thursday – Move 6 ft desk into craft room and organize sewing machine and computer stuff on desk.

Friday – Continue and finish organizing shelves and craft supplies.

Notes: Sew pj’s!! I’ve started my first pair and it’s going very slow. They’re harder than I thought they’d be, but I’ll get it done:)

That’s my list of my organizing adventures this week. I really hope that I get all of it done! I might even surprise myself and get it done fater than I think so we’ll see how that goes. I’m sure I won’t be able to wait to move all of my desks in on different days. And, just depending on how well clean up goes today I might have Mark put up the shelves tonight:)

I can’t wait to show you the end result! Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you have a great week!!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized! ~ Play Room/Craft Room

  1. Soooo excited for you Megan. Warning, once you’ve had a dedicated craft space you will NEVER be able to live without one again. Trust me. I am denying one of my children the right to have their own bedroom (which she reminds me of constantly) just so I can have that space for crafting! Wouldn’t give it up for anything…happy organizing 😉

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