Let’s Get Organized ~ The Bathroom

Good morning!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you’re ready to start a new week of organizing! I know I’m not ready… lol I don’t know if my craft room will ever be organized enough! *SIGH* But, I need to keep organizing other parts of my house that need it too, so we will move on this week to the bathroom. Mainly, I’ll be working on the upstairs bathroom, finishing up the remodel. It’s almost done! Woohoo! I’m excited to show you final images and before and after pictures!! Hopefully that will be coming on Sunday.

So, here’s my plan for this week:

Monday – Pull off painting tape around the door frame, yes, I still have that up! Deep clean tub and sink. (The sink specifically needs a lot more work!! There’s a permanant ring around the plug. I don’t know why! I scrub and clean it every week! A friend told me to use toilet bowl cleaner and a scrub brush. We’ll see how well that will work!)

Tuesday – Finish sealing up beadboard and adding little pieces. Put away everything that belongs in the medicine cabinet. (We’ve had the new one up for at least a week or so and I still haven’t put anything in it!! UGH!)

Wednesday – Paint beadboard, cabinet and touch up wall above the sink (we had a couple mishaps while I was painting the countertop….)

Thursday – Finish painting if it didn’t get all done. Organize under the sink.

Friday – Finish organizing. Hang up shower cutain, which I still need to find the perfect one to fit the room. I’m going to JoAnn’s today for the last day of their sale, so maybe I could just make one myself. One that doesn’t need curtain holders….

What do you think? I think it sounds pretty easy. Compared to all the stuff I’ve wanted to get done in my craft room and haven’t yet. SIGH To hold you over, I’ll post a couple pics of what my craft room looks like now. I’m warning you, it’s not pretty!


The toys have kind of migrated toward my side of the room. Gotta figure out something to fix that….


This is actually a LOT cleaner than it was all week last week!!


My shelves are a big jumbled mess still. I haven’t really had time to organize them. If I have spare time this week I am totally working on that!


My newest purchase this weekend was more storage boxes. I bought all the same ones as I already have. I really want everything to match. It makes me feel more organized:) They were on a major sale!! Only $1.42 each!! Normally they’re like $3.99 or something like that. I was very excited!!

Anyway, I hope you’re doing some fun organizing this week! Thanks for stopping by!!

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