Let’s Get Organized ~ The Bathrooms (the last week)



I really have got to get better at making my daily schedule and sticking too it. All to often I write down what I NEED to do and when it comes time to do it I think of other stuff that I’d RATHER be doing and do that instead. This last week I did some cleaning, but not much and I’m frustrated with myself! SO this week I WILL do everything on my list each day!! I am going to be strict with myself and only allow myself time on the computer if I complete the tasks I have set out for me to do.

With that said, are you ready to hear my list of what I’m doing this week?

Monday ~ Clean Fridge, Wash Shower curtains, Deep Clean downstairs bathroom (last week I said I’m not the kind of housewife that sets out to deep clean a whole room in one sitting. I’m really not, but I’m also a procrastinator. Since I’ve put off a lot of my monthly cleaning I am going to have to double up on cleaning and organizing tasks this week to finish before next week.)

Tuesday ~ Clean Microwave, Round up trash, Deep clean upstairs bathroom, organize medicine cabinate

Wednesday ~ Wipe down washer and dryer, clean boys’ blinds, Clean fridge.

Thursday ~ sweep and mop kitchen, Clean my bedroom blinds and all windows in the house. When the boys get home from school Clean out the car.

Friday ~ Vacuum, Clean and organize the garage, clean and organize linen closet.

Crafts that I plan on making this week include a St Patrick’s Day wreath, some pj’s for the boys and some other small and easy projects I just want to do for fun.

Well, that’s it for now! I hope you’ll come back tomorrow! I am participating in a challenge called Sew in Tune over at Melly sews and oh, Boy oh, boy oh!

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