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Let’s Get Organized ~ The Laundry Room

Ok, are you ready for this week? I sure am!! I’m ready for an easy organizing week! And this is about as easy as it gets for me!:) I recently organized my Laundry Room back in…. February of this year. Wow, was it really that long ago??!! Time sure does fly by!

This is what it looked like after I finished organizing it in February.

That is pretty much what it looks like now, besides the fact that my stock in food storage and other goods has been dwindling and I haven’t been replenishing it. We are almost out of toilet paper and paper towels and don’t even mention M&M’s. That’s a sore spot in conversation among the family right now. LOL (Jonas LOVES mint M&M’s and will only eat them these days, but we ran out of them a few months ago and they only sell them at Christmas time. I guess I better buy a hundred bags this Christmas when they go on sale!!) I really need to head to Sam’s Club…. next paycheck, right?:)

Here are the current pictures:

This is the Laundry area. You can see under the stairs off to the right behind the black chair.

The overflowing under the stairs area that is still filled with boxes. They just need to be brought to order a little bit. Also, that chair needs to go!!:)

The food storage area. It has stayed pretty organized. There are some boxes on the floor that I need to get rid of and find places for the stuff inside them:)

And lastly, the ‘other goods’ that I store down here. Also, you can see the cooler and some bags of food on the floor. Yeah, that’s what happens when I ask my husband to put stuff away in the laundry room. They get stuck in the middle of the floor and then I have to find a place for them. UGH!! LOL

So I have a little bit of cleaning and reorganizing to do this week. It’s not too much so I’m hoping to get it done in the first three days and then use the other days to catch up on cleaning around the house and also maybe get in some sewing time too:) This is my plan for the week:

Monday ~ Pull everything out of the laundry room, minus the big stuff, and deep clean it!! Woohoo for deep cleaning!! I just did the garage and it really wasn’t that bad!! After pulling it all out I’ll sweep, vacuum and mop. Pull out the washer and dryer and vacuum behind them. I know I’ll find a big mess behind them, so I’m not looking forward to that.

Tuesday ~ Organize shelves. Clean out dryer, vacuum and wash. Clean out the washer. I found a good tutorial on how to do this on pinterest from Ask Anna’s blog. She has a lot of great cleaning tips for your household appliances!

Wednesday ~ Clean out/reorganize under the stairs.

Thursday ~ Organize Laundry shelves

Friday ~ Wash windows, especially front living room!! Clean out the Garbage cans

notes: Finish making Halloween decorations!!

So, there is my week in organizing plans. How about yours? What will you work on? Now, keep in mind, you don’t have to organize like I do. I find that if I make a plan I’m much more likely to do it, than not. BUT if you aren’t a planner and you just do things whenever you can that’s great!! Even if it’s just organizing one shelf a day or a week! You do what you can and that is good enough! I would love to hear what you have been working on or will work on this week or soon:)

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. I’ve been working a little bit on my storage room today. I’m packing away the kids’ summer clothes – we don’t have enough space in their dressers for all of their clothes. And I finally pulled out my Halloween decorations today! Micah asked me if we could “decowate wif yombies today.”

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