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Oh, boy, Christmas is a week away!! Are you ready for it??!!! I know I’m not!! I’m sewing up my kids’ Christmas pj’s this week and it’s the first time I’m using the pattern so I’m freaking out about getting it done right! It also doesn’t help that I’m sewing at night, when I’m tired and want to be in my warm bed, sleeping!! *SIGH* I’m sad that the season is passing by so quickly, but I’m glad at the same time. I just want the rush and the eagerness to all go away. I want to sew for fun again… Wait, that sounds bad. I am having fun sewing all these presents, but I’m not good with deadlines. I’m a procrastinator.

Anyway, this week has an easy organizing task for this very reason, so I can finish sewing my kids’ pj’s and also make my last time consuming present. It’s going to be a HUGE project and I really can’t wait to get started!

This week I’ll be working on my Linen “closet”. I put that in quotes because it’s not really a closet. I have 4 drawers and a cupboard for my linens. I love it. I think it keeps me more organized this way. There are a couple shelves and drawers that have gotten pretty messy though so this week I’ll spend a little time each day working on a couple shelves/drawers.

Monday – Organize the bottom 2 drawers (This means, pull everything out and put it back in in an orderly matter. If there’s something that doesn’t belong put it where it goes.)

Tuesday – Organize the top 2 drawers (These drawers are towels and they’re pretty well organized so I’m hoping it won’t take too long and I’ll be able to spend more time sewing!! Yay!!:)

Wednesday – Clean out and organize the top shelf (This shelf is a MESS!!! It’s pretty deep and I keep my cleaning stuff in there, but there’s a bunch of space in the back that isn’t being used or something big is back there and I have no idea what. I’m excited to clean it out, is that weird?!!)

Thursday – Organize the bottom shelf. (This shelf is pretty well organized, but I’ll revisit the cleaning items that are housed here and see if there’s a better solution for them.)

Friday – Clean and organize 2 of the cubbies in the boys’ closet (I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t clean out the closets very well! I organized the 2 in the boys room that first day 2 weeks ago, but that was all. That was a bad organizing week!!)

Notes: SEW!!!!!

So there is my weeks organizing plan. I’m hoping to stay on top of organizing and chores this week so I’ll have a somewhat clean house the week of Christmas:) I know I won’t be cleaning most of that week!! Haha!

What are you cleaning or organizing to get ready for Christmas? I’d love to hear what you’re working on!! Link us up!:)

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  1. Let’s get physical!! Um…I’m not organizing anything right now. Though I’ll probably have to organize my wrapping paper/bows/boxes in preparation for present-wrapping. If I feel good enough. 🙂

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