Let’s Get Organized – (Week 14 Catch Up)

I know that it is no longer week 14 of this year, but since I never got around to blogging about my organization plan for last week I thought I’d fill you in on what I did. It wasn’t anything too great and not everything I had wanted to accomplish, but sometimes you take what you get, right?:)

My goal for the week was to organize my craft shelves and make them look pretty, since I never really did that. I just kind of threw everything up in somewhat of an organized fashion, by that I mean that they were all in baskets or little bins or whatever to make it seem organized. It just looks hideous to me!!

Here’s what it looks like today. Ignore the desk areas because I haven’t had much time to get them organized. That’s a continuing problem and I don’t see that changing anytime soon:P. The shelves still aren’t perfect, but I’m a lot happier with them. I want to pick out colors to make it all more organized, but I think I’ll do some paint on the walls in the summer and I’m thinking of using the same baskets, just spray painting them to all be in the same color scheme. Not sure what colors yet. I really like the pink, black and off white colors I have there on some of the baskets and bins so I will probably keep those colors.

On Tuesday we were outside waiting for Jonas to get home from school and it was a NICE day outside!! I decided to give the garage a little organization help while we waited. This is the before shot. Do you like the barrier there in front? Nemo was outside with us too so I moved the jogging stoller a little bit so he wouldn’t run away, but I didn’t move it that much. Is it sad I have a natural barrier in my garage? lol

Here’s a closer look at the crazy mess. There was only about three feet to move around in by the door to get to Nemo’s food. You could only open the fridge halfway because of the boxes and lawn mower being right there in the way. UGH!! It was all driving me crazy!!

TADA!!! This is what it looked like after about an hour of work. I know it’s not much, but I was watching kids, including my 20 month old who doesn’t know what boundaries are yet so I had to keep running after him as he would escape from the barrier. But my dog would stay behind the barrier! How nice is that?

This side stayed pretty much the same, but at least now we can walk to get Nemo food without falling over boxes! 🙂 I gotta figure out what to do with those shelving units!! I really wand to use them, but I’m not sure what to use them for…. Maybe I could store some sewing fabric and materials in them…. hmmm that’s a good idea!!

Here’s a better look from outside of the garage the next day.

I love the path we have now!! i’m going to take that OLD computer to the storage unit and I think the stroller to the right of it I’m going to sell. We don’t use it anymore so why keep it? I need to find a better place for the hose holder thingy and for the seat that goes in my van. They both should go in the back right corner, but I wasn’t going to get into organizing all that in one day. This is like a 5 day project for me!! I have it on my list of organizing weeks so stay tuned for the actual clean up later in the summer!:)

Also, last week I made up 5 cards!! I was really excited to get them all done! I would’ve gotten more done, but at the last minute I decided to go to the in-laws for Easter weekend. How was did your week go for organizing?!! I hope you’re getting a lot done like I am. Even if it’s just one shelf a week, I think that’s a huge accomplishment! Let us know what you’re working on!:)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great day! I’ll be back later on with this weeks organization plan so come check for that! And tomorrow I’ll be starting my weekly weight loss post. See ya later!:)




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