Let’s Get Organized- Week 15

I’m going to give it to you straight today, since I’ve already said a mouthful earlier this morning:) This is my plan for organizing thins week:

The Downstairs Bathroom

Day 1- Lay down liner in the vanity. Figure out some shelving ideas. Put toiletries in their places.

Day 2- Continue organizing toiletries

Day 3- Install seat/ foot rest in the shower stall. (The reason behind this is that I like to shave my legs in the shower, but it’s hard to do it when my foot keeps sliding down the wall!! I want somewhere to rest my foot while I shave, this is my solution. Have I told my husband I’m going to do this? No, not sure if I will until after I install it. haha BUT I might end up buying a new shower head instead, it depends on how much the foot rest costs. I HATE our current shower head. I have to clean it every other day with lysol or other cleaners just so the water doesn’t come out as daggers!! NOT ideal!! Any suggestions on what shower head brand to buy if I like a good flow and want it to massage as I wash? hehe:)

Day 4- Re-organize toilet space saver

Day 5- (I was going to buy a stencil and paint a pretty shape around the mirror, but I have yet to buy one so I’m not sure if this will happen this week. Maybe I’ll shop for a stencil instead. We’ll see) Take a break today and make 2 birthday cards and/or a spring wreath.

So there you have it!! My week of organizing goals. I’m excited about finishing them up. The vanity cupboards really need work to make them more functional!!

Sorry this post is so short, but I have a baby that neeeeeds a nap ASAP!!! So off I go to tend to that matter and I think I’ll take one with him too:) Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!! Thanks for stopping by!

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