Let’s Get Organized! ~ Week 22

Happy Memorial Day! How was your weekend? I hope well. Ours was filled with awful weather:P It’s annoying!! Hopefully this week will be better!

What are your organizing plans for this week? My plan for this week is projects. I’m going to organize what projects I’m working on and get all of them done so that I’ll be ready for the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I will also be packing for our vacation. It will be a crazy week, but I’m excited!!

Day 1 – Cut out pattern and fabric for the little girls dress. Cut out frog pattern and sew. (we will consider today the cut out patterns day, I guess:)

Day 2 – Start sewing girls dress. Make chore charts.

Day 3 – Continue with girls dress and make more cards.

Day 4 – Make business cards and sign for booth. Finish girls dress. Sew bibs and burp cloths.

Day 5 – Pricing and signs. Put together custom order notebook and cards.

So that is my plan for the week. I might add a few more projects in depending on how I do with the dress. The frog takes very little time to put together so that shouldn’t be too hard. I want to do a few more bibs and burp cloths and MAYBE a kids art holder packet. We’ll see if I have enough time. I’m not planning on it. I imagine the dress will be a challenge, but I’m trying to be optimistic. I’m glad my husband will be home today so I can concentrate on my projects for today. The rest of the week will be a little harder, I’m sure!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful day and a great week! good luck with all your organizing! If you’re in Idaho Falls come visit me on Saturday at the Snake River Landing Pier View Farmers Market!!




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  1. Dude, I’ve been working on more cards to add to the collection – I think they’ll totally be done by Saturday. I’ll bring ’em over when they’re finished. And I need to call you – my mom thinks we should make the cards $3 each instead of $2 each. She has been to tons of farmer’s markets and craft shows and says that $2 is way too low to charge for homemade cards. Food for thought.

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