Let’s Get Organized ~ Week 5

Wow, are we already on week 5??!! I can’t believe it!! I still feel like I’m in 2011 some days! lol But I’m still chugging right along. Some days are harder than others; like on Friday I seriously thought my head was going to explode! SERIOUSLY!!! My 5 year old cried for about half an hour straight, possibly even longer! I couldn’t think, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t do anything because he was just CRYING. No just waaawaa, but WWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! And screaming and more screaming. I hate it when he gets like that and I think most of all I hate how I act when he gets like that. I really lose control. I act irrational. I come up with the dumbest punishments, like “Just go away!” (yeah, right, like he can actually hear what I’m saying to get away from me!) or “If you don’t stop crying I’m going to put you outside with only your clothes on!” (It was about 25 degrees? Maybe more, I don’t remember.) How ridiculous is that??!! Seriously!! Do any of you do that? I break down like that often. I really don’t know how I’ve survived being a mom for the past 5 years! This kid has thrown me for a loop the whole time!

But, anyway, I’m getting off topic… Sorry about that! Sometimes I just need to vent about how much being a mom sucks some days, but those days that are great are all worth it and that’s what I keep telling myself!

How was your organizing last week? Mine went horible, I am sad to admit. The first day I did clean out the bench in the living room, but I never really got around to putting ALL of that stuff away. Most of it was trash, but there is still a nice pile of notebooks, papers and reciepts on top of the bench!:P UGH! SO, yeah, that room will have to go on the list again. One day last week after I sent the boys off to school I just went back to sleep! When I woke up it was 10:00!! WOW! I couldn’t believe I had just slept away the morning again for the second time in two weeks. I told myself it was ok because I rarely do it, but then my baby wouldn’t take his nap after lunch so I laid down with him in my bed for another two hours. My 5 year old watched TV. It was one of those days. I really don’t know how people can start their day at 5am and go until 10pm!!

Ok, sorry, another vent, apparently I need to get a lot of guilty feelings off my chest. My cleaning schedule went down the toilet starting on Wednesday. I just couldn’t get any of it done after that day! This week I am determined to start anew and get everything done! I am ready to go again! LET’S DO THIS!:)

This week I will be working on my craft area. YAY!! I’m excited and scared at the same time! This is the state my craft area has come to these days:

It’s crazy and driving me insane!! It has actually gotten much worse, if that’s possible. I took these pictures a couple weeks ago.

Remember how I just organized this area a couple weeks ago. Maybe it’s been longer, I can’t remember, but the two top shelves in the middle that I put scrapbooking paper in are just a MESS now! It’s so hard to keep it all organized when they’re all just stacked together. The baby keeps getting into the envelopes that I have on the bottom shelf and throws them EVERYWHERE! So, I have decided to forgo this way of doing things. I’ll probably still keep the two plastic bins there and possibly move over some other plastic organizers with pictures and what not in them. Maybe I’ll install a trash cubical or something along those lines. I’m annoyed that the baby can climb under the table and dump it out EVERYWHERE!! *SIGH*

This is my plan, buy some of those plain white shelves with the brackets at Lowe’s (I’m totally a Lowe’s girl, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that. Home Depot is ok, but if I get to choose, I go to Lowe’s, their prices are much better a lot of the time) and my husband is going to help me install them. I just bopught a studfinder on amazon so we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to get them up, but I think I can wait until then. I will be organizing everything and putting them into bins and things so that when I get the shelves up I can get them all organized.

I know that organizing my craft area will be a long and ongoing process so for this week I will mainly be focusing on getting it all set the way I want it. I think the paper shelves I have will fit perfectly where I have the book cases on the sides currently and I have a bunch more of those shelves outside waiting to be cleaned and brought inside.

The craft that I want to work on this week is organizing my cards. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do them by year. I think I might do them by occasion because they rarely have the date written on the card and I don’t usually keep the envelop. I’ll have to see what works with that. I’m also dying to do another scrapbooking page using my Silhouette to cut everything out so I hope to get time to do that as well. The Silhouette blog has a sketch that I really like and would be easy to do.

I’m also working on a Valentine’s day craft that I am SO EXCITED about! My goal was to not spend any money to make it and I achieved that goal! I’m really happy about that! I’ll share that with you on Wednesday, so come back to see that!

Week #5: Craft Area

Day 1: Clean off desk completely, find organizing bins and boxes to stash stuff in for the week

Day 2: Take down current shelves and measure out space for new ones

Day 3: Clean out the shelves and drawers from outside, bring inside and organize them on desk (put up new shelves if hubby has time)

Day 4: (Put up new shelves) Organize everything onto new shelves

Day 5: More organizing and cleaning new shelves, find new places for old shelving bookcases

Notes: Have Fun! Start and finish 2 crafts! (I had to add in that last part because as much fun as I’m going to have organizing my craft area I still need to do some crafting to stay sane!:)

So, there you have it, the day by day plan for how I am going to organize this week. I’m really excited about it all. I’ll hopefully be able to do a special post about it next week. I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by.


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